Parent Reminders

School hours

8:05am-3:30pm. Students may enter the playground at 7:50 am, when teachers are on duty to supervise your child. For your child's safety, students will not use the playground equipment before school. Please refrain from dropping your child off on 9th Avenue as a daily routine. Late students are the only students who should enter through the front doors. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining a safe and orderly school arrival procedure.


If your child will not be in school, please call the office in the morning. You may reach us at 308-635-6259.The building secretary and/or an automated call will contact you by 9:00am if we are not aware of your child's absence. If your child is late, please ensure they go directly to the main office so accurate attendance is recorded.

Communication folders

The majority of our school/district notes, newsletters, forms, important information and finished student work will be sent home every Tuesday in our Roosevelt folders. However, please check your child's backpack on a regular basis for additional information. Please review the contents of the folder with your child and return the folder the next day. Keep important papers at home for future reference.

Arrival Time and Location

Students are welcome to enter the playground through the playground gates on 8th Avenue or 9th Avenue at 7:50am if they are not attending Homework/Reading Club. Teachers are on duty at that time to provide proper supervision.

Dismissal Procedure: Walkers/Car Pick Up

Students who walk home after school will exit the building through the south doors (East Overland). Students who are picked up in a vehicle after school will exit the building through the northwest doors on the playground. Adults will meet students on 8th Avenue. All students are escorted out of the building by a teacher/adult. Students will not exit the building through the front doors.

After School Program/Clubs /Tutoring

Extended Learning Opportunities will be provided for students after school, through our Eagle's Nest ASP, clubs and re-teaching/tutoring opportunities. If your child would like to participate in the Eagle's Nest Program, you must submit an application. Applications will be available the first day of school. A variety of clubs will be offered after school as well. More information will follow, as the school year begins.

Crossing Guards/Parking Lot

We have adults on duty before and after school to help students cross the street safely and arrive at school safely. Please stress the importance to your child to use the cross walks and obey all traffic laws. Students should never enter a vehicle in the middle of the street. Also, please refrain from parking or driving through the staff parking lot before or after school.

Message from the Health Office:

  • Be sure your student's paperwork is up to date before school starts! This includes: immunizations, medication, health plans, physical, vision. Contact the health office if you have questions.
  • A “Health Information” paper will be sent home the first week of school. It is important that the health office is aware of any health needs your student may have. Please have your student return it to the health office as soon as possible. If there is additional important information we need to know, contact the health office.