Vision Statement

Roosevelt Elementary's vision of the future is… to provide a safe and engaging learning environment that will empower our students of today to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow.

About Roosevelt

During the rich history of serving the residents of the area, Roosevelt Elementary has developed a reputation of providing excellent education for all students. The teaching staff has traditionally taught at Roosevelt for many years. Although there are a few new faces, the average years of teaching experience within the teaching staff is 13.28 years. Roosevelt has a diverse population with a current enrollment of 337 students and average of 18.7 students in each classroom. The schools community is proud of their committed and talented staff.

Staff development and training has been a key element of growth for teachers over the past two years. Much time has been spent mapping courses to provide continual educational growth. A part of the training has centered on learning styles of students and helping teachers focus on the skills students will need as adults in the 21st century.

Another area of growth and training for teachers is the expansion of technology in the classrooms. This is an effective tool which ties directly to the interests and needs of students. Every classroom now has a Promethean or BrightLink Interactive System to help students.

One of the additional pieces, which also contributes to the success of Roosevelt students, is the After School Program. Students are provided an opportunity to expand their knowledge, participate in activities, which stimulates their skills, and access tutorial help. Roosevelt has a dental program, which provides special help to students one time each year. There are a large variety of clubs for students to join and have fun with. All these examples help define the excellent care and help provided to Roosevelt Elementary students.

Principal's Message

Frances Burkhalter, PrincipalThe primary goal of our curriculum is to ensure that all students acquire essential knowledge and skills to become responsible and productive adults in society. Roosevelt Elementary follows a standards-based curriculum in reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Core goals and learning guides have been developed for all subject areas. Additionally, elementary students receive instruction in music, art, physical education, library and computer skills weekly. All teachers utilize a variety of effective instructional strategies to address the needs of our diverse student population. These include:

  • Promethean Boards/Technology in all classrooms
  • Chromebooks and online learning to enhance instruction
  • Balanced Literacy/Guided Reading program-Mondo Bookshop in grades K-2
  • Wit and Wisdom Reading Program in grades 3-5
  • Writer's Workshop-Lucy Calkins
  • Write Source-Supplemental Writing
  • Common Assessments at all grade levels
  • Point of Instruction Assessments
  • SBPS Learning Guides K-5
  • Bridges Math Series
  • Science Fusions-digital and hands-on lessons and labs
  • Response to Intervention-Academic and Social Supports
  • Positive Behavior Supports/ ACES (All Children Experience Success)
  • Target intervention groups for math and reading
  • English Language Learners Curriculum; EL Achieve
  • School Wide Title I support-math and reading
  • Resource support for K-5 students
  • Professional Development with Content Area Specialists Language Arts, Math, and Science
  • On-going data analysis of student performance
  • Intervention groups
  • Extended learning opportunities/tutoring
  • Wilson Reading Intervention
  • Just Words Reading Intervention
  • Fundations Curriculum in Grades K-2.

Strong partnerships between school and community members offer enrichment clubs and extended learning opportunities for our students. Community partnerships include;

  • 4-H Program
    • Leo Sierra-coordinator
    • Mentors
    • Weekly meetings at Roosevelt after school
  • Extended Fun Learning Opportunities
  • TeamMates Mentoring Program for Youth
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • School Sponsored After School Enrichment Clubs
    • Art, Science, Creative Writing, Math and Problem Solving Games, Technology and Literacy Clubs
  • Adopt-a-School Partnership with Riverside Discovery Center
  • YMCA
    • Wall Climbing
    • Open Gym
    • Swimming
  • Panhandle Public Health District
    • Safe Routes to School Grant
    • Safety Supplies
    • Safety Audit

Student Services

Student services at Roosevelt elementary include; school counselor/psychologist, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing and speech, on-site interpreter and English Language Learners curriculum. Roosevelt has a school-wide Title 1 program providing services for Reading and Math support. Special Education services and resources are available to students with identified needs.

The elementary years are a time when students begin to develop their academic self-concept and self-confidence as learners. Students begin to develop decision-making, communication and life skills as well as character value. Our learning community at Roosevelt provides a positive environment that motivates and supports students and families. Working as a team with parents and community members, the Roosevelt staff makes a positive and healthy difference in our children's lives.

Frances Burkhalter, Principal