Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction Homebound instruction can be provided to students unable to attend school due to an illness or another urgent reason. Excusal from school is made on a temporary basis. The Director of Student Services, upon request of a parent, evaluates the need for this type of instruction. A physician's prescription must also accompany any request for homebound services, unless the request is made by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team. Instruction happens off campus in a public location.

Homebound instruction is different from home schooling in that your child is still instructed and graded by the school teachers at the school in which your child is enrolled. The difference between traditional classroom and homebound education lies in the delivery location of the lesson plans. Where your child would normally receive academic instruction in a classroom, they are now educated in another location.

This exception to the compulsory attendance requirements is on a temporary basis only, and is reviewed regularly. Students are expected to return to the regular education program as quickly as possible.

It is our intent to provide a quality school experience for all students. Homebound instruction is a short-term remedy for students unable to attend school for an illness. It is not a replacement for daily attendance or instruction.