Participate in a Board Meeting

As the elected governing body of the School District, the Board believes in sharing its decision-making processes with the public and welcomes public input on issues pertaining to education. The Board of Education welcomes comments from Scottsbluff residents and believes that strong community engagement and outreach are important components of a successful school system.

Members of the public who wish to address the Board may do so at regular meetings and special meetings when public comment is included on the agenda. Patrons wishing to provide public comment are encouraged to sign up using the form below. If signing up online, please do so at least one hour prior to the start of the meeting. Individuals wishing to participate in public comment can also sign up in person prior to the start of the meeting.

If you sign up to address a specific agenda item, the Board president will give you an opportunity to speak during public comment. If your topic is unrelated to the meeting's agenda you may also sign up to speak with the understanding that the Board cannot take formal action on items not on the agenda. Typically up to 60 minutes will be allotted for public comment with a four-minute time limit for individual speakers.

Time is managed in the most effective manner to include as many community voices as possible within the time allotted. If a large number of individuals sign up to speak to the Board, individual speaker time limits may be lowered and/or time allotted for public comment may be extended so that the Board can hear from as many citizens as possible.

It is best to plan your presentation in advance and make your presentation as clear and concise as possible. You are welcome to send prepared remarks to the Board using the form below. If you want to give input to the Board, but don't wish to speak at a meeting, you can use the Contact the Board of Education Form. Individuals may sign up only once per meeting to address the Board. The Board asks that remarks address new thoughts or concepts. Remember, it is not the number of people who address the Board that leads to better decision-making, rather the content of your presentation.

The Board of Education considers public opinion when making future decisions. The Board receives citizen input with respect and expects those who address the Board to observe the same courtesy. Individuals who address personalities rather than issues will not be heard. Citizens who have signed up for Public Comment will have the opportunity to have their concerns heard by the Board. Since the Board is the policy-making body of the school district, it is most appropriate to address the direction of policy with the Board. Individual concerns are best resolved closest to the situation. Parents are encouraged to contact their local school or District Office to handle a specific problem. The safety and security of all staff, students and visitors remains the highest priority for the District, so any citizen attending a board meeting must abide by all school rules and posted regulations while on school property.

The following persons are eligible to address the board:

  • residents of the district
  • parents of students enrolled in district schools
  • members of the staff
  • individuals who have been requested by the superintendent or Board to present a given subject
  • nonresidents of the district who have previously requested and received the permission of the superintendent or Board

The Scottsbluff Board of Education complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need accommodations in connection with a Board of Education meeting, please notify the District Office at 308-635-6200, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting so that necessary arrangements can be made.